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 Raven: Character Bio

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PostSubject: Raven: Character Bio   Sun Jun 03, 2018 5:52 am

Like a Star @ heaven Personal Disclaimer of the Author: The following material is completely Fictionall; and does NOT reflect whatsoever the true nature, history, activities, and affiliations of this character's player (outside of Role play) - in concordance with the rightful rules, and expectations of the Chatropolis Website. *posted just to cover me own arse* Like a Star @ heaven

Name: Raven    She never reveals her birth name; even to her closest friends, or associates. When pressed on the issue, she will flat out tell someone to shove off. Not that it's some "great big mystery to be solved"; but very few know her actual name. She gave it up quite some time ago; more reasons as to why later on in bio.

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Skills:  Computer hacking, code encrypting, scrambler programs, and viruses. / Self proclaimed Gunsmith; cleaning, repair, restoration, and assembly of fire arms. / Dead shot; if she misses it's because she wanted to miss. / Reconnaissance; both Military and Street level. / Heavy artillery vehicle operator; including helicopter. / Minor emergency medical treatment; she can't perform open heart surgery; but she can pull a bullet out, and stitch someone up on the spot. (does not include a fatal shot to a major organ, or to the head) Explosives: constructing and disarming various ones. / Chemistry- chemicals, toxins, and poisons / Hand to hand combat, in short she knows how to scrap. And- One other, but keep reading to learn what it is!   (*this info is completely alright by me; for other players' characters to incorporate into RP*)

Wrap Sheet:  Burglary / Unlawful Entry, Grand Theft, Grand Theft Auto, Arson, Larceny, Extortion, Money Laundering, Murder, Manslaughter, Vehicular Homicide, Perjury, Threatening an Official, Aggravated Assault, Assault and Battery, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Resisting Arrest, Obstruction and Evasion of Justice, Violation of Parole, Jail Breaking, Possession and Distribution of Controlled Substances, Possession and Distribution of Illegal Substances, Piracy, Possession and Transportation of Stolen and Illegal Wares, Premeditated Attempted Tyranny against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, Blackmail, Abduction of an Adult, Public Disruption / Disturbing the Peace, Unlawful Entry of Federal Military Property, Illegal Travel to Foreign Countries without a Pass Port, and of course- Chicken Plucking. (She was hungry)   (*this info is also completely alright by me; for other players' characters to incorporate into RP*)

Story:  *Note: This info provides Raven's past. For RP sake, hardly any people at all would know anything about it. Given that; I am still willing to work this into RP providing she were to discuss it with someone else. (I.C.)     Any character with a "psychic", "clairvoyant", or "magical" ability- please do ask me first, O.O.C. before engaging into this info. (I may or may not wish to include it into a given, particular scene, but I'm not willing to accept someone just throwing her past to her out of the blue without prior O.O.C. agreement. You guys of the BDB are good! Smile I just add this to my bios as per pending the new role players, and/or occasional visitor that may not know)    Do be warned, some of the info is graphic, but it has not been created to intentionally upset, or offend anyone*

~ Raven was the youngest sibling of seven children in a family located in rural New York. By all outward appearances; they were your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill, larger sized household living out their American dream. But behind closed doors; and within the walls of the house- another story was being told. Her parents, and nearly all of the adult members of her family were satanists; or at least to say- were very involved with dark, occult practices. Deep down, wholeheartedly, she never accepted what everyone else was involved with. Secretively she hated it, and never succumbed to the insidious lull that droned at her mind since she could remember. She refused to become a part of it; although she was coerced, and forced at times to commit despicable acts during the many various rites and rituals.

The Fuel...

In her youth; she taught herself how to induce vomiting. The animal blood, and flesh she was made to ingest never stayed within her system over night. Countless times she would lock herself in the bathroom; poised over the toilet with her finger down her throat. When it should have been milk and cookies, and a bed time story; she would lie in her bed plotting out her escape, her revenge, her freedom. One day out of the blue; she learned from her brothers, and sisters that she was to become a human sacrifice falling on her following birthday. She approached them in denial, all of them concurring the planned event they had overheard their parents discuss prior to. It was then the timer was set. All of what little, sparse, and normal childhood innocence she had savored within the happy recesses of her mind were blown out of the door. Hell would surely come straight into her house, but not in the manner everyone expected.

The Match...

She ran away shortly thereafter; fleeing to the only member of her family she would ever fully trust, her grandfather. She explained everything to him. To his horror, he being totally and completely unaware of the situations that had been playing out within their home. He was a strong man for his age; respected and nearly revered as a local icon, friend, and hero within his own community. But the day when her parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins came to collect; he was unable to keep her out of their reaches. Outnumbered- she voluntarily left with them again as so to avoid any harm done to the one person she loved. Again like several times before; she was shoved down onto her knees forced to bow before the ugly, shaggy, black, mounted goat head within the deepest room of the house once they got home. But this would be the last. While those who conspired against her were thwarting out her death, she was devising the means to execute what she had dreamed about. It had become an arms race. She wanted them to physically see what they had put her through mentally. And so it would happen.

The Explosion...

That night while they were all asleep, she had quietly sneaked outside and siphoned the gasoline from the two vehicles. Putting them into portable containers, she brought them inside and dowsed every wall, floor, and corner of the entire down stairs. From end to end, everything saturated in the volatile, flammable manna that would be her escape. But for nearly not- her oldest brother had awoken, seen what she was doing, and was going to blow the whistle. A cold brick brought up quick with a fierce, determined hand upside to his temple; and it was lights out. The commotion waking more of the family; heavy footsteps of her parents, and other adults booming down the stairwell.. it was time to move. She double backed through the first floor; cleared the door, and by the time they had managed to succeed into the living room; they were all met with the scorching blaze of their devil's kiss. They were trapped. All of them. Their screams filled the air in harmony along with the roar, and crackle of the fire. She heard in her mind; something as beautiful and as moving as a classical piece written by Bach, or Mozart. Down came baby, cradle and all- and when the firetrucks, police, and emergency services had arrived... she was long gone from the scene. Presumed dead, with everyone else. Only charred, blackened remains of this or that giving minute clues to the true nature, and hushed doings of the otherwise quiet, and friendly, neighboring family would make it along with the news report.


She would use her keen intellect; and surprising social skills in the years after to maintain her new found free life. Each day passing, one day further away from the horrors that only made her stronger. She grew up fast- making deals, friends, alliances, acquaintances, and allies with all sordid types of nefarious, and shady people. She knows those who belong in self supported guerrilla militias, those who are in the Organized Crime Syndicates, the Mafia, and Independent Anarchists to mention a few. And it snowballed from there; anyone who pissed her off or betrayed her became the next to disappear. Each one equal to her family as a child in her eyes. She has been deemed according to more than one country's government as a pirate, anarchist, and even terrorist. Personality wise- she is loyal to a fault. Quiet, fast in thought, and on the move. She does have a different sense of humor, and a terrible potty mouth. She would tell you: "I'm with the highest bidder." In other words; she is closely protective of those she forms a friendship and alliance with. She will take directions, and orders seriously; and perform them as said- but this isn't to imply she won't razz those needing a task done. She does like hit jobs favorably; and she is for hire should the right person inquire her.

She has mild Intermittent Explosive Disorder (sometimes abbreviated as IED) its a behavioral disorder characterized by explosive outbursts of anger and violence, often to the point of rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand (e.g., impulsive screaming triggered by relatively inconsequential events).    She also likes Pot and Cocaine; but she very rarely ever sells. The drugs would seem as her down fall; but on the contrary it keeps one thing at bay that never left her. (The last skill)  Although she was never willingly involved with those said practices of occult, or dark arts; and still isn't to the very day- she has the gift / ability of "Dark Light". So what's that?     "It's a weird, mysterious energy force that comes out of me. I can control it, but I don't like to use it. Don't ask me why, o.k.? It's like a swirling mass of black and purple. I can use it like a shield, or make it into a weapon, like a sword or knife. It's like it's psychokinetic. Hell, I can crush a bulldozer like a pop can, if I really concentrated. But like I'm saying, I don't like to bring it out. It.. reminds me of stuff I don't wanna remember." - Raven


There you have it, submitted for the B.D.B. Hope this has been as fun for you all to read as it has been for me to write! Enjoy, and if any Moderator, or Administration has any questions- please let me know! I appreciate your time in taking to read this; and look forward to meeting you all sometime!  Very Happy

....... * The usual patrons bustle about their evening of frivolity. Some play darts, while others play cards or pool. Drinks and laughter are shared around the tables, and booths. An aura about the tavern this night. Nothing bad; but again what is bad around here? Everyone is having a blast; each little group keeping to their circles of company. Handshakes, and high fives are exchanged as they reminisce over stories and memories past. All but one. You scan them over and your eyes fall upon a semi circular, partially enclosed booth near the bar. A soft blue light overhead glows; casting a neat effect over my form; shadowing the details of my face. A slow, creamy plume of heavily scented smoke rises to meet those lights. It sprawls over and around the bulb covering as I tilt my head back down from exhaling the obvious. You debate briefly on approaching me, but you then do.* "Umm, hello. I was looking for that girl who wasted the door man awhile ago. They say she's new here." *I would listen to you though my face and body language would show no outward emotion or interest* "Why? Need somethin' done?" *My voice would carry monotone through the din of the tavern to your ears* "Well, I'm not sure. I may need to. Am.. Am I getting you at a bad time?" *You say. A dry, and subtle smile would crack just the corners of my mouth* "I'm Raven, and you are?..." *I pause for your name* "Let's talk turkey" *My one hand quickly motions you over to sit across from me as the music comes from the jukebox* .......
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PostSubject: Re: Raven: Character Bio   Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:56 pm

" The Story So Far " - Narrated by Morgan Freeman -

Sometimes it just seems like things happen in a certain order. Whether they are a random, consequential sequence of events; or by nothing more than just chance alone. Discerning one from the other can prove to be a difficult challenge of its own. But I tend to look at the side that confirms they were meant to happen for a reason; whatever that reason should be. And so it's the same here at the Black Dagger Brotherhood, with our newcomer Raven.

She arrived at the wonderful establishment; soon to make friends with lyra, and holidae. They spoke that evening, the three of them. In the course of their first introductions; Raven explained that her former boss; (who happened to be a rather influential, and powerful millionairess) had to return to her home in rural France to attend family business. They shared personal stories, and warm laughter. It meant very much to her, although her outward persona kept an invisible shell around her. Who were these people? Where they going to be genuinely accepting of her? Or where they just going to use her as their own trump card, or pawn? She didn't truthfully know at that time; but she decided to give them a go. In due fairness- the same could be wondered on their side. Who was this person? Is she legitimately interested in us? What is her plans? What might be her end game? Time would tell, and the journey would begin that night.

It wasn't very long from that moment; perhaps only a few days, when Raven got an unexpected phone call from an old friend of the past. Benjamin Geveski. Or "Benny" as he commonly went by. He and Raven had met some years before due to an unjust situation. One that very well may have ended in his demise. Benny was born with Down Syndrome, and at times he would land himself in places, near people that didn't necessarily have the best intentions toward him. Surrounded by a group of bullies; it was Raven who stepped in. She was minding her own, on her way to a pawn shop when the commotion had drawn her attention. If you're getting to know her by now, well.. *does his famous chuckle* You can just imagine how she flew off the handle. But; with all the knots on their heads delivered, teeth broken, and blood spilled on that day- she and Benny became friends. Actually, it was he that couldn't quite leave her alone. He grew on her, and after that fateful moment she would pay him visits within the Care Center where he resided. The phone call was a touching moment for her. Naturally he prattled on about everything under the sun, but.. it did bring a smile to her that she had been needing. That's not to discredit the welcoming nature of the two women whom had graciously spent time with her before. Life does have its twists and turns, and toward the end of their conversations she learned that he was undergoing chemo therapy. The news shattered her. She kept up her outward, calm tone with him however; and she made it appointed to go see him once more.

She arrived at the local hospital, after calling the Care Center and learning that he had fallen ill. She went to his room, bringing a small box of cupcakes. He liked cupcakes, and they had even spoke about making them together sometime. The Wizard of Oz played on the overhead television mounted to the wall as they visited. He simply loved the classical film. In their talks; she confronted him about the fact that his mother was leeching his financial account. She didn't want to bring that up, but she had an inking that it was going on. He knew as well. Perhaps the setting of this moment wasn't of the most appropriate timing. She wanted to get it out in the air though, and deep down she knew that she might not have the opportunity to do it again. He knew as well. In her disbelief he admitted that he had spoken with his attorney, and had his policy changed so that she would be the sole proprietor of his entire savings. She didn't want it. All she wanted from him was to recover from the treatments, and return to stable health. She was devising the means in her mind to get him out of that Care Center; into a better environment. They reminisced over how she had taught him "gangsta", and "street" things. Of course she had always left out the true aspects of it all, every time they had discussed such matters. She had nearly scolded him, in her own gentle way; pleading him not to give her his money. But he kept on insisting, kept on telling her because she was his friend, a true friend; that he wanted her to have it. Then.... while she stood leaning over him, tears running down, embraced in hug that were to be their last, he passed away. Happy and satisfied to himself. Fully and completely at peace that he got his final, silent wish. To see her once more.

She was beside herself. Outraged, infuriated, driven mad over the fact his mother had treated him so poorly during his life. She smashed the metal plate cover to a water fountain with her foot. She punched the elevator's call button, utterly shattering the molded plastic over it. She got into her car within the lower levels of the parking lot; then mashed the gas pedal, driving the mint condition 1969 Lincoln Continental hearse through the wooden arm of the parking toll booth. She went for a drive afterward. One of those types of drives. Either to clear her mind, or to find trouble- when whom should just happen to appear along the neon lit streets of down town? lyra. The car stopped along in traffic during a red light, lyra seen Raven, and got in. They spoke, and it didn't take her very long to realize something was bothering this young woman she had only just recently met. Eventually, she opened up. She told lyra what had just happened; nearly demanding her to give her directions to Peregrine Park. The ritzy, nicer suburban side of the city. When asked why.. why she wanted to go there at the late hour; she told lyra that she was going to march right up to the door of Benny's mother's house; and greet her with a ten gauge, double barrel shot gun. It didn't happen. lyra in her own, smooth, dear consulting way talked Raven out of her violent intentions. It was for the best. lyra was right, and the two of them drove back to the tavern.

Another few days had passed. What was she going to do with her friend's money? She didn't want it. Truthfully, honestly. It meant nothing to her. She wanted her friend, not his possessions. It was burning like that one, invincible coal in a fireplace when all others have fallen cold. She was walking on eggshells. In her solitude, she decided to play around with the expensive, high tech sound mixing board located not all that far from the bar. She sorted through the many various options; found a beat she liked, then sang a touching, sentimental rap in honor of her late friend. Hours went by after, and then just like the song: "It's nine o'clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in." Along entered Rhavage; followed by ri'ell, holidae, and lyra. Raven had spoken to Rhavage; and in the measures of introductions, she let him in on a plan she had. A heist to top all others she's ever committed before. She knew she couldn't pull it off on her own. So; on a whim, she unfurled the intention to him, providing him with all of the information and details she could offer. He was impressed. As the others gathered, caught up with one another, shared hugs and warm welcomes... a very peculiar feeling started to overcome her. During the events of that night, the laughter, the stories shared, the drinks, and the fellowship among friends; her plan was revealed. They liked it, and it was a green light go for them all. This... this too was overwhelming for her. "How? How can they just be like that? How can they accept me like this? They just met me, they don't know me?" - were her thoughts. Overshadowing all her puzzled emotion, holidae spoke the words. The near exact same words as spoken by lyra to her that night they had been on their ride. "The mistakes of the past does not make us who we are. We learn from them, and we move forward." It was set. She put herself at ease. "Hey, these guys are pretty cool. They get it. They know what I needed to know. I like them. I'm, yeah, I'm gonna stay with them." played out in her mind like the sweetest tune she ever heard.

Two days from then, ri'ell returned to the tavern. Her hand cut up, her nerves shaken. Raven came to discover through talking with her, that she'd been stiffed on a deal that went down. Through some carefully guided pressing and pushing, she was given the description of the man who had done this to her. So- be it on a whim, or the desire to stir the pot, she went off on her own. On a given mission to find the dead man walking, she drove her car through the shadier side of town. Stopping at a local community park that's seen better days- she drew a crowd of thugs. She stood on the roof of the hearse; gathering the focus of many who would sooner mug a passerby, than to give her two seconds of time. But they did listen to her. Something.. about the way she presented herself; The way she spoke with anger driven words; The way she told them all that the area of town by the park was hers now, and that anyone who challenged her would be another obituary if they didn't follow; The determination in her "Street Speech" that rocketed through the chain link fenced perimeter where no one else in their right mind would ever want to be; They way she demanded up the person who had caused grief to one of the tavern's own; and the final coup de gras of her tossing out hundreds of dollars over the heads of those that listened, as she hopped down from the roof to to the hood.. then getting into her car and driving off without a second glance. The following day. ri'ell returned and Raven had him. "Johnny Lobo" he was known as. Tied to a chair, gagged with duct tape, and a bed sheet wrapped over his face. Quite to the delight of ri'ell, she persuaded her to do the job. And soon to follow ri'ell gave the bald man with a scar under his one eye the just dessert he had ordered. A stack of money, two thousand dollars was placed on the bar afterward. The very amount to the cent that he had taken from ri'ell. She had got it back for her, just like she had promised.

All had settled down for the night. ri'ell, goyle, and Raven had been chatting about, just soaking in the air of the aspect that things would be on better tract now since this "Johnny Lobo" had gotten his. But one thing was still gnawing at her. True enough she was happy. She was content that she had all of these new friends within the tavern. She was happy; that they were happy. She was satisfied that everyone had agreed to help perform a heist that would provide them each with unfathomable wealth. She was more than willing to give up her entire new found inheritance provided by Benny's will to ri'ell. That very building where she had once worked, mistreated by none other than Benny's mother herself some years beforehand; was now on the real estate market. How's that for a twist of lime in a tropical drink within a coconut shell? Raven would buy that building, and give it to ri'ell, simply so that she could follow out her dream and turn it into whatever it was she had desired; or to give it up to the Brotherhood; whichever was best for everyone. But why? Why would she let everyone in on the planned heist, only asking for her even cut share out if it all? Why would she part with the gift given by her late friend? Was she scheming something? Was she up to no good? Was she devising a flag move to thwart against a very well organized, and deeply reputable group that were never to be taken lightly? ...........................No. Not at all. She was moved by them, and for them. She was touched deeply in her heart, by all those that she had come to know so far. She knew she was accepted, welcomed, wanted, cared about. She had after all, the only thing she had been seeking for countless nights. A home. Home. The word felt good to her, and she would do everything within her power to protect it as such. She'd take the heat for all of them. She'd kill for them, and be killed if it meant for them to go on, and for her to die. That's how much it meant to her. And as the evening proceeded,: she told ri'ell and goyle she had something she needed to do. Something made as in a discovery from all of the comforting, and assuring words she had been hearing from everyone she had spent time with so far. She needed to challenge herself. To better herself. She wanted to evolve past certain doors she had welded shut years ago. It was time. She knew it. So, leaving nothing more than a hand written note on the bar for ri'ell and for whomever else; she explained briefly, and obscurely that she would indeed be back in time for the heist. She walked into town, and called the police. She told them that she had murdered Johnny Lobo; and had disposed of his body in an old meat processing plant. She went to a little dump of a bar, had a drink, and then stepped outside to meet the surrounding force at the door. She didn't put up a fight, just went with a satisfied smile on her face as the cold handcuffs were locked together behind her back. But again................... Why? Why do all of that? Just stay tuned and you will learn all of the answers and more.

Selfless deeds are performed when a person determines them in their consciences that it is the only right thing to do at the time. They are given freely, and without expectation of a debt to be owed in return. It is a valuable trait one carries when they have the acceptance of others around them. This, if ever learned by anyone; Raven, had been beautifully and wonderfully taught by those of the Brotherhood. Oh, her story isn't over by far. Not in the least.
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Raven: Character Bio
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