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 Character bio ri'ell

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PostSubject: Character bio ri'ell    Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:22 pm

Name – ri’ell (Arielle)  **You can call me Arielle only if you are my lover or were the one that killed me**  

Surname – unknown *orphan street girl*

Gender – Female (but pretty fluid)

Age – 23

Persona – Has a very dark depressed untrusting side – a smart arsed tart

Skills – Manipulation of both males and females usually by use of her sexuality.  A well-practiced petty thief and pickpocket.  Close combat knife fighting and short distance knife throwing.  Has been told she can hold her own in the sack!  ri’ell has many contacts within and beyond the city limits.  Many she can easily manipulate, just don’t ask her how….

History – Orphaned at birth.  Has no clue if her parents are alive and just didn’t want her or were killed.  If they are alive, she hopes that one day she might be the one to slit their throats!  Brought up in an orphanage until the age of 10.  Not much schooling, what she has is self-taught.  Yes, she can read and write quite well and if you question her on that she will probably pull a knife.

At 10 the orphanage closed and she was dumped on the street in the care of a woman that should never ever be allowed to look after children.  There she was taught how to thieve and use her body for money.  Both being a major requirement in order to live.  At 17 she finally escaped with nothing with a passing side show.  There her love of knifes and cutting herself were honed into knife throwing for entertainment.  They were good to her, the only ones to that point.  

At 20 the owner was killed by a local crime lord when a called debt was not repaid.  She became part of that debt working it off with the only possession she had.  It was then when a member of the Brotherhood found her ‘holidae’.  She placed a spark in Arielle and a single knife in her hand which ignited and caused a turning point in her life and the sudden death of a crime lord and goons.  With that ri’ell was found and although she is not in debt to, she owes a lot to the Brotherhood.
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Character bio ri'ell
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